Equality Bracelets

In support of LGBT feature film Heart of a Woman (true story about African-American transwoman overcoming obstacles and becoming authentic). The Equality bracelets simply states Equality for All regardess of race, sex and gender. SPI Productions consist of British Director Keith Holland, Actor/Producer Alton Demore and Writer/Author Toni Newman.

Toni Newman is the author of memoir I Rise-The Transformation of Toni Newman. The LGBT feature Heart of a Woman is based off Chapter 7 of memoir I Rise. The story showcases the obstacles, hurdles and difficulties of an minority transwoman.

In order to further transgender equality .50 cents for each bracelet will go to transgender advocacy group fighting for transgender equality. To support Equality for All and LGBT feature Heart of a Woman send $2 for each bracelet plus $2 for shipping and handling for total of $4.00 per bracelet to:
SPI Productions LLC
1626 Wilcox Avenue, Suite 1271
Los Angeles CA, 90028
or buy now through paypal